Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Perfect Bed (Almost)

Right before we went on our beach trip I started to get the decorating bug. We have been in our house over 5 years now & most of the rooms still have the same paint color on the wall as the day we moved into the home. I have been wanting to give our living room a face lift (since we are in that room the most) for a while. I have just been unsure what to do. I do not in any way consider myself a decorator! I wish I had someone that could come into my house & say "this is what you will love" and have it be stylish & homey.

So, I was hoping by being away from the house for a week I would loose this bug to change things. Nope! If anything, it is worse! I have been writing down ideas & searching the web all week (and it's only Tuesday). I really need to get out to the stores (without the kids) & look at curtains & try to get an idea in my head of what I would like to do. We will see.

In looking around the web, I found a really fun blog called Home by Heidi. She has some really neat ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg. She gives a tutorial on how to make "The Perfect Bed". Today was sheet washing day so I decided to give her idea a try. I have an old comforter that has some rips in it so when I replace it (hopefully soon) I plan to buy with her bed making skills in mind.

Here is what her bed looks like...

Here is how my bed turned out...

I know, it's not perfect or looks like something out of a magazine, but it looks nicer than how I was making the bed before.

Here is a link to Heidi's website & the tutorial for making the bed.
Home By Heidi: The Perfect Bed

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