Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boy Golf Outing

Justin & David played golf today!

Friday, January 28, 2011

McWane Day

We spent the day at the science museum.

Grace & Daddy playing tug of war!
Grace won! ;)

Fun for Everyone!

Playing the Piano

Playing Mini Golf

Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Years With My Best Friend

Janruary 14th was our 5 year anniversary.
We have been through good & hard times in the past 5 years but I couldn't ask for a better man by my side! In the past 5 years, we have gone to fun places, moved to Birmingham, bought a house, said goodbye to a Grandfather, had 2 amazing children, met great friends, & so many other adventures. When our son, David, was born 7 weeks premature & had to spend 6 weeks in the NICU, our faith & lives were tested. We stood strong believing in God & each other. By the grace of God, David pulled through & is a healthy 2 year old. We came out of that situation stronger & more in love than ever! Justin is my rock & I look forward to our future together!

For our anniversary, we took a 5 night cruise on the Carnival Elation out of Mobile, AL. Grandpa & Nanny kept the kids so Justin & I went on a vacation just the two of us! We had a great time!

Our first stop was at Progresso. This place was not impressive. We got off the boat only 30 minutes! We spent the rest of the day enjoying the quiet pool & warm weather!


Our other stop was in Cozumel. This was much nicer than Progresso! We walked around & did some shopping. Justin bought me a beautiful black pearl necklace & bracelet for our anniversary while in Cozumel. We went to Jimmy Buffett's Margarittaville for lunch.

Happy Anniversary!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walgreens 1/11/2011

Total = $22.87

Total after coupons = $3.76

2 stayfree maxi pads, 2 bags Walgreens cough drops, 4 cans of Campbells cream of mushroom soup

What can you get for a quarter?

I went to Rite Aid today and scored!!

Total before coupons: $26.84

Total after coupons: $.27!!!!!!!!

I got 2 boxes of Special K cereal & Blink Eye Drops!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/09/2010 Shopping Trip

Justin & I are leaving to go on a cruise Friday so I went out today to get my coupons (newspaper) & get the items I wanted. I missed out on some items from last weeks sales because I waited too long in the week to shop so the stores were out of some items. Alabama is being hit with an ice storm now so I wanted to get my shopping out of the way. We have a busy week ahead if us!

I still can't get blogger to upload a picture so I will just list my items.

Winn Dixie: total = $22.22 after coupons = $5.35
4 Kens salad dressings, 2 frozen veggies, gallon if milk

Walgreens: total = $31.01; after coupons = $2.44
Children gummy vitamins, 2 36-count sayfree maxi pads, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 renuzit air freshner sprays, dr pepper drink

CVS: total = $78.36; after coupons = $22.87
12 Renuzit adjustables, 2 Electrasol finish tabs, 4 Maalox Regular Strength, 6 Pepsi 12 pk sodas

Target: total = $4.84; after coupons = $0.84
2 Reach Floss, 2 Kikkomans soy sauce

I still have a couple more stops this week (Rite Aid & Ace Hardware). Hopefully our ice/snow storm won't be bad so I can't get to these in the next couple days.

Friday Round Up

Friday we spent the day running around town exploring & learning about the world of Couponing. I must say we did very well & it got us both very excited! Below is a list of the items we got (I can't get blogger to upload the picture I took of my items).

Walgreens: total = $17.56; after coupons = $9.56; received $5 RR
2 airwick i motion sensors, 2 chloriseptic throat sprays

Office Depot: total = $16.89; after coupons = $1.31
2 packs of printer paper

Rite Aid: total = $12.09; after coupons = $2.09
4 boxes of cereal & gas-x

Winn Dixie: total = $79.99 (after Winn Dixie card); after coupons = $59.28
2 roasts, 4 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners, 12 grands biscuits, 4 fruit roll ups, 4 bags of chicken strips, napkins, 2 lunch meats, eggs, 3 rice a roni, 1 pasta roni, sour cream, 2 frozen veggies, hot pockets, aluminum foil, spaghetti sauce, tea bags

Walmart: total = $2; after coupons = $0
2 tubes of toothpaste

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Publix savings

I started 2011 without a resolution. After watching Extreme Couponing on TLC, I have decided I want to make a resolution. I would really like to concentrate on saving more money for my family. I hate new year resolutions because it seems like I never keep them. I am really going to try to keep this one. I regularly follow Couponing to Disney's blog & I love how she saves enough money each year to take her family to Disney World. I may not take my family to Disney World but I would like to be able to do more with my family.

I have worked hard this week collecting coupons & coming up with a game plan for this week's savings. I started today by going to Publix and below is what I scored!

4 boxes of Ronzoni Pasta
2 jars is Peter Pan peanut butter
2 containers of Lysol Wipes
Total Spent: $4.79!!

I have a list of places I plan to go to tomorrow. I hope I can continue my savings!