Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Fling

After church this morning, we took the kids to The Great Pumpkin Patch for their Spring Fling. We took David to this pumpkin patch PG (pre Grace) when he was less than 1. It is a nice pumpkin patch about 45 minutes from our house.

Ready for the Spring Fling!

This year they have converted the pumpkin patch into a giant Easter egg hunt! It is a really cool set up. You ride the wagon to the pumpkin patch & there are colorful plastic eggs everywhere! The kids were able to run free & collect as many eggs as their Easter baskets could hold. Both kids a fun time.

Riding out to the patch! Hunting for Easter Eggs! I found one! Gracie found one! As close to a family picture as we are going to get! haha Before we went on the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, we took the kids into the bounce house playground. David LOVED it. Grace, not so much. We had Grace's 1st birthday party at a pumpkin patch that is south of Birmingham & she loved the bounce houses. We even took her to a place that has bounce houses inside back in December & she liked it. I guess today was not her day. As soon as we put her in the bounce house, she got scared & started crying. :( Once we went out to the pumpkin patch, she was fine.

David loving the bounce house!

Grace not loving the bounce house!

We also got to ride the tractor train, which both kids loved.

Riding the tractor train!

There was a live band playing music & David was all about dancing. He normally is not a dancer but today he thought it was great! :)

You can't tell from this picture, but they are dancing! haha

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