Monday, April 4, 2011


Tonight, I made Hot Beefs for dinner. This is a recipe my Mom made when I was growing up. She normally would serve it on hamburger buns. It is really yummy! Justin likes it over mashed potatoes so that is normally how I serve it. We have a lot of rice stockpiled in our pantry so I decided to serve it over rice tonight. It was a hit!

Hot Beefs

Beef Roast (3 lbs)
Salt & Pepper
Chopped onion
1 jar of commercially prepared brown gravy (if needed)

1. Roast beef at 350 degrees until done. Roast with salt & pepper & chopped onion sprinkled on the top.
2. After meat is done, cut in small pieces (shred).
3. Make pan gravy from the meat juices in the roaster. If short on gravy, add a jar of commercially prepared brown gravy.
4. Serve hot on buns, over mashed potatoes or over rice!

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