Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break: Day 3

We are still in Montgomery visiting Grandpa & Nanny. Grandpa had to work today, so we spent the day out shopping with Nanny.

We went first to Walgreens. A few weeks ago, Walgreens had a deal on diapers & training pants. They normally are $8.99 but they had them BOGO Free. There is also a coupon booklet in the stores (Infant Care Coupon Book) that takes $2 off each pack of diapers. So, a few weeks ago I stocked up on diapers. Unfortunately the coupon doesn't work on the pull-ups but I can't complain because the coupon makes the pack of diapers $2.50!!!! The week they were on sale, I went THREE times to two different stores & took every pack of size 5 diapers they had in the stores. Well, this week Walgreens has the same deal going. When I found the coupon book, I got 10 of them & the coupons are good until the end of the year. I am still in really good shape for diapers but not knowing when Walgreens will have this deal again, I felt I needed to get more. Instead of buying size 5 this time, I bought size 6. David is now out of diapers & wearing underwear. I do put him in training pants (pull ups) at night or when we go out. Even though the coupon can't be used on the training pants, it is still a good deal for them. So, I paid $45 for 6 packs of training pants & 6 packs of size 6 diapers. I am so excited about my little stock pile of diapers! I normally buy Target diapers but since having the Walgreens diapers, I have been very happy with them! Grace has had no problems with leaking, etc. I am a happy couponing Momma! :)

After my Walgreens score we headed to the mall. I received a $10 off a $10 purchase or more at JCPenney. Every once in a while JCPenney will send me one of these coupons & I love it. I always hit up the clearance racks & end up walking out of the store paying less than a $1 for 4-5 shirts or pants. We had lunch in the food court which made David very happy because he got to eat Chick-Fil-A (his favorite)! There is a nice area at the mall with small rides for kids. For $.50 they can ride. My kids of course love it & always use up whatever quarters Nanny has in her purse.

Helicopter Ride

Hot Dog Delivery Truck (This was Grace's favorite ride!)

Space Ship

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (For Uncle Jim)

Thanks for the rides Nanny!
See Grace Waving!!

Last we stopped at Big Lots. Mom & I could wonder Big Lots (the junk store) forever! :) Both kids were so good today & had a good time shopping. Of course, we found a couple goodies for the kids. :)

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