Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scarf Project 2011

Our church is planning a Christmas Bazaar this fall for missions. They have started a new creative ministry. They are meeting once a week at the church to make, teach & learn new projects. At the weekly meetings they are going to make prayer shawls & other charity items. We live about 45 minutes from our church so I probably wont be able to come to many of the weekly meetings (gas prices are getting so high). I have decided to help. I love to knit. When I was in college I really got into making scarves. Since having the kids, I haven't done any knitting. I have lots of yarn in the basement. My plan is to make scarves for the bazaar. I am going to use up all the yarn I have in the basement first. Once that is gone, I will start getting the yarn on sale. I don't really have a goal or want to make a goal for the number of scarves I will make this year. As we all know, life gets in the way a lot. I plan to work on them in my spare time & hopefully I can whip up some great scarves for the ministry! :)

This project started in February & so far I have made 6 scarves.


  1. LOVE this idea, would love to learn how to knit, it is on my gonna learn on day list!

  2. I really enjoy it. It is a great stress relieve & helps me relax. I have something I made for you. I will try to get it in the mail soon! :)