Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Celebrating!

Friday, the four of us celebrated David's birthday together. We started the day by going to Build A Bear. I received a coupon for a free animal since it was David's birthday. He picked out a puppy.

We then headed to Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a blast! They played games, climbed the maze & danced with Chuck E Cheese!

Playing Basketball with Daddy!

This Barney ride was Grace's favorite!

Dancing with Chuck E Cheese!

We then went to Barnes & Noble. We received a coupon for a free cookie since it was David's birthday. I had no idea it was SO BIG!!

We then went to the Birmingham Zoo. They have been building a new exhibit called The Trails of Africa. Friday they had a preview for members. We got to walk around the new exhibit & see one of the three new elephants. The elephant was the only animal they had out so we didn't stay but 30 minutes.

We had a very busy day but all of us had a blast!!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Don't you just love all the freebies the kids get for their birthday?