Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Do I Explain?

I had a funny conversation with David this morning. He asked me who my Grandma is. I told him Oma & Nana are my Grandmothers. He gave me a very upset/mad look & said "No! They are my Oma & Nana, not your Grandma!" I tried telling him that Oma is Grandpa's Mother & Nana is Nanny's Mother. I got the same look & he said"No Mommy! Oma & Nana are not Mother's! They are my Oma & Nana!" I told him they were Mother's first & now are Oma & Nana. He didn't buy it so I ended the conversation as "Yes David, they are only your Oma & Nana."

I thought this was a funny way to start the morning! :)

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