Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night Trip

Sorry, I have not been good about posting all my deals!!

Justin is working late tonight. I needed to go out & get my newspapers for today so the kids & I went out for a bit. We stopped first at CVS for 3 papers. I also got chocolate pudding (I know...bad Mommy but it will be a fun summertime snack)...I got 4 four packs of Snack Packs for $1.78.

We next went to Walgreens where I scored some freebies! I got 3 Vicks cough drops & 3 Puffs for $0 plus $.03 money maker!! :) I was going to be good & get V05 shampoo (on sale for $.79) & get my $.03 off of that but the kids & I went down the Easter candy aisle & opted for jelly beans instead. Again, bad Mommy! Oh well! :)

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