Monday, February 28, 2011

Going to the Movies Cheap!!

Since having kids, Justin & I don't go to the movies much. Every once in a while the two of us will go but that usually only happens when we are visiting family. All of our family live out of town & movie prices are so high so we hardly go.

There is a drive in theater about 5 miles from our house. It costs $5 per adult and kids under 3 are free. 3 and up are $2 per child. This is how we normally go to the movies. For $10, the whole family can load up in the mini van (in our pjs) & I can make our own popcorn & other snacks. Most of the time the movies don't start until 7-8pm so the kids fall asleep.

The Living Social deal today is half price for the drive in!! I bought mine this morning!! The next time we go to the movies, it will only cost $5!!! You can't beat that! :)

I also was able to score a deal on Groupon...$1 for 3 Red Box movie rentals! We rent movies from Red Box all the time so this deal is great for us!! I also purchase the deal through so I got 80 swagbucks for my purchase!! Woo Hoo, great day in savings!!!

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