Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wagner Family Blog Take 2

I am going to give this blog thing another try. I had a blog a couple years ago & had a hard time keeping up with it. Hopefully this time I will be better about posting. :)

Monday night Justin & I took the kids to their first Birmingham Barrons baseball game of the season. David has been to a few baseball games before but this was Grace's first ever baseball game.

The kids did really well at the game & we actually got to stay the whole game. :) We took David to the play area for little while. He had a blast!

There was a big slide that he really wanted to go down but was too scared to climb. His sweet Daddy climbed the slide with him & went down it. :) I had a very fun time watching Justin climb this slide & go down it!

We had a fun night. It was zoo night so we got into the game for free (which makes it even better). :)

Tuesday morning David went to MMO. Grace & I went walking with Lindy & Addie while David was a MMO. I was nice to be back in our regular routine. April was so busy, we are all a little out of whack. I was also able to get some cleaning & organizing completed before having to get David. We have spent Tuesday afternoon & today just hanging out around the house. I have gotten a lot done around the house & it has been nice laying low for a couple days.

We are all looking forward to the weekend. We are headed down to Montgomery to spend Mother's Day weekend with Mom. :)

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