Monday, May 24, 2010

Grace & Daddy's Fall

Saturday was a hard day for Daddy & Grace. We were leaving to go to a friend's birthday party & Justin fell going down the stairs. He was holding Grace & they both when crashing down the stairs. Grace had a gash in the side of her head. I called her pediatrician right away & they told us to take her to Children's Hospital ER. We had to drive downtown to get to that hospital but luckily they took us right back since Grace had a head trauma.

A nurse cleaned up her head & determined she did not need stitches (thank God)! They did want to do an MRI. Grace's MRI results came back normal. We were at the ER about 4 hours total. While at the hospital, Grace was smiling & laughing at the nurses.

Justin says he didn't get hurt & is not sore at all from the fall. Justin had a hard afternoon...I think he was feeling pretty bad about Grace getting hurt. :( Accidents happen. :(

Everyone is doing really well today & you would never know Grace got hurt. :) She is a tough chick!!

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