Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun Saturday

Justin started the day by mowing the yard. The kids love to watch Daddy mow the yard throw the window. It is so funny watching them wave to him & yell at him through the window! haha

After finishing up our morning chores, we all headed to the outlet mall in Leeds, AL. I packed us a picnic lunch & we hung out in the play area for a while. The kids are really into picnics so we do that often. :)

This afternoon, one of the kid's buddies had a birthday party. Mason is turning 4. It was a fun party & we all had a lot of fun visiting & watching the kids play.

For dinner, I made pork chops & milk gravy. This was my first time making this so I was a little nervous. It turned out okay. The pork chops were perfect but I had a hard time getting my milk gravy to thicken. It tasted pretty good but I will have to try it again & try to master it again. :)

Pork Chops & Milk Gravy
**This is a recipe my Mom made when I was growing up. It was always a favorite in our house. When Justin started coming around, it quickly became a favorite of his also. My Mom got it from my Grandma. My Grandmother doesn't use a lot of measurements when she cooks so I do not have the exact amounts. I had to do a lot of taste testing! :)**

Pork Chops
1/2 stick Shortening

1. Mix flour, salt & pepper together. Coat pork chops on all sides with mixture.
2. Melt shortening in skillet. Cook pork chops in skillet until cooked through & brown on both sides.
3. Once pork chops are cooked, remove & set aside. Turn skillet temperature down & add flour, salt & pepper mixture slowly to skillet while whisking. Continue to add flour mixture until it becomes a smooth paste. Let it cook a little bit in the skillet.
4. Turn heat back up & add milk. Continue to whisk as milk heats up to a boil. Milk will thicken as it comes to a boil. Add salt & pepper to taste.

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